“Dr. Holfinger, …It is that time again that I thank you for believing in me enough to hire me – and encourage me to go to school. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for you. You made a difference in my life and I will always appreciate that!” - Kim Mullins

“Thank you for the great opportunity to shadow here. I have learned a lot of interesting things and have had a lot of fun! I also met some great people. Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks again!” - Shelby Stewart

“Dr. Boyk, Just a note and thank you to you and your staff for the compassion and professionalism in treating our dog Sasha. Sasha is missed dearly and will always be in our hearts but I know and am comforted with the fact you took care of her! Thank you!” - Michele and Randy Lashuay

"Today is my 14th birthday. I want to thank everyon at East Suburban Animal Clinic for a lifetime of compassionate care. From the expert medical care to the gentle nail trimmings, your care has helped to give me a wonderful life. With deep affection, Woody Weiss (the boxer)"

"I really appreciate all of your help. It meant a lot to know that Ichabod was in such good hands and thanks to you he is doing really well! I am so greatful for everything that you and your staff at East Suburban have done for me. Everyone has been so kind and I have truly leaned a lot from an eceptional group of people. Thanks again!"

"I love this vet. The people are nice, the vets are extremely knowledgeable. You can tell they are in the right business for the right reasons."

"Dear Dr. Boyk, Thank you so much for taking care of me during my surgery. You're the best! I am feeling better each day and I have you and the staff to thank! - Gunther"

"Dr. Carstensen & East Suburban, Thank you for being such a great clinic! We are very grateful for your care over Sarge this year. He is doing great. He sill getting his 2 mile jog in almost daily! It's amazing. I really thought he was a goner... Also, I appreciate your willingness to make farm calls in a day & age where no vets make farm calls! You guys are the best."

"One of the first things I've noticed when I've walked into other vet clinics is a smell of urine or poor cleanup of the problem. East Suburban has always smelled clean without the antiseptic. For some reason the initial smell indicates to me whether or not this would be a good clinic for my dogs and East Suburban won my approval the first time I walked in and has continued to get my approval. Dogs often relieve themselves before or after going in to the clinic. This has always been well cleaned up. Clinic rooms are always well cleaned and the exam table almost always looks like it has been cleaned between patients."

"Staff has always been friendly, even in a hectic environment. Move the dog back to the scales and into the exam room has been easy. They do their best to make friends with the dog quickly and understand when the dog is nervous. Doctors are friendly and show a like for the dogs."

"When given verbal instructions I tend to repeat instructions to be sure I understand. When I've done that the doctor usually writes down the instructions for me. While that is unnecessary, I appreciate the concern that the doctor shows to be sure the instructions are followed."

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