The Growing Importanct of Pet Insurance

Written By Dr. Gary Holfinger

Recently, we were able to help one of our clients save a pet from permanent paralysis. The pet had jumped off the bed and become weak and painful in the rear legs. While pain medication helped for a short while, it became evident that a spinal disc had luxated, putting pressure on the spinal cord. Referral to a board-certified neurologist was necessary; an MRI was used to isolate the problem, and spinal surgery saved the pet.

We share this story to demonstrate that there are more procedures available than ever before to keep your pets healthy. New techniques and an increase in specialists of veterinary medicine are allowing more treatments than ever. Unfortunately, these specialties come at a cost that can be hard to handle. As a result, pet insurance is now becoming a more logical option for pet owners to consider.

Pet Insurance has been available for years, yet few pet owners have opted for the coverage. Both the East and the West coasts have seen an increase of clients opting for pet insurance since medical costs are higher in those areas but the Midwest has yet to fully embrace the option.

There are currently more than nine companies in the United States that offer pet insurance. Much like human heath insurance, these plans typically do not cover pre-existing conditions, and vary a great deal in their coverage and premium cost. The price is determined by the pet's age, breed, medical history, and level of protection desired. We see many clients belatedly wish that they had insured their pets when they were young and healthy so if you have a young pet, now is the best time to look into it. Getting coverage now gives you piece of mind moving forward.

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